"I won’t work then…"

Anyone catch the latest on OJ?

C’mon Juice….I guess he figures he can’t do anything that would piss anyone off anymore.

And in related Stupid News Stories,

Ron, you couldn’t be a little more solemn at your first public appearance and statement? No, no, you had to sell your album and say your penalty was too severe.

2 thoughts on “"I won’t work then…"

  1. F$%^ Ron Artest. F@#$ Ben Wallace. F!*% these lousy, self-important, self-serving, childish pro athletes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man, I hate the fact I can’t help but watch.

  2. I know, I still find myself watching Inside the NBA and all of the highlights on ESPN. Ugh.

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