Heads in the sand

Well, whether your a Giants fan or a Dodgers fan, it’s going to be tough to look forward to next season.

Barry has all but retired from the game after admitting to steroid use(yeah Barry, we understand you didn’t know they were steroids. The “cream” was just some arthritis medicine…which also happened to increase your muscle mass). How can I root for the Giants with him on the team? I will, but his presence will destroy any success the club realizes.

As for the Dodgers, all I can say is at least your team isn’t caught up in steroid scandals. I can’t understand why they’d try to sign J.D. Drew over Beltre. They’re also going to get rid of Perez and trying to get rid of Green. Sorry, Chad.

Change is good

I haven’t been reading the Onion much lately, so I don’t know how new this addition is, but I like it:


And the Giants look like they’ve signed catcher Mike Matheny, while the Dodgers are apparently close to signing Tim Hudson. Baseball’s more interesting in it’s off-season than the NBA is during the peak of their season.

Some random items

First, please check out the newest addition to Google labs,

Google Suggest

Just start typing in something to search and see what it does…

Next, I’d like to say R.I.P. to “Dimebag” Darrell. Like Chad said, what place is safe if you can’t feel safe in a rock club in Ohio?

And finally, one thought on Central Valley news anchor Nick Ryan.

Just make sure you think twice the next time you go to the park and and newscaster wants to talk to your 8-year-old over by the bushes.

Barry, I understand and I can relate.

You know, one time in college, a friend gave me a colored liquid. It looked like it was carbonated but I can’t confirm that for sure. Anyway, this friend suggested that I drink “the brew” and notice the results…….increased self-esteem, lack of inhibitions, intense desire to “party down”.

Honestly, I had no idea whatsoever that the substance that was given to me was alocholic in any way. I honestly thought the light-headedness and warm sensations had to do with a lack of sleep and the amount of clothing I was wearing at the time. Someone may have told me at one time or another that the substance was called “beer”, but I honestly thought that they were saying “berry”, as in a berry-based solution used to provide energy and health. Because seriously, with all the loud music and bright lights that were prevalent at these gatherings that had “the brew” on hand, I honestly thought they were saying “berry”. I thought nothing of it at the time. They were all my friends, so I never questioned what was in the liquid. I figured I could trust them.

Obviously, once I found out that there was alcohol in “the brew”, I quickly ceased ingestion of the substance and have never used it again in any form whatsoever. Honest.

woo haaaa

I’d like to be the first to welcome the new closer Armando Benitez to the Giants. Hello, Armando and welcome.

Here’s the quick and dirty on him:

  • Played with Marlins last year
  • Tied for NL lead with 47 saves (51 opportunities)
  • 1.29 era, opp. batting average of .216
  • signed 3 year, 21 million dollar contract (back-loaded)

Considering the fact that the Giants blew around 30 save opportunities last year, I’d say this is a good move. Excuse me, Mr. Finley, would you like to sign as well?

In other news, I’d like to thank my brother Mike in coaching me to a four-way tie for first place on Monday night at the Club One No Limit Hold-em tourney. That was pretty cool.