woo haaaa

I’d like to be the first to welcome the new closer Armando Benitez to the Giants. Hello, Armando and welcome.

Here’s the quick and dirty on him:

  • Played with Marlins last year
  • Tied for NL lead with 47 saves (51 opportunities)
  • 1.29 era, opp. batting average of .216
  • signed 3 year, 21 million dollar contract (back-loaded)

Considering the fact that the Giants blew around 30 save opportunities last year, I’d say this is a good move. Excuse me, Mr. Finley, would you like to sign as well?

In other news, I’d like to thank my brother Mike in coaching me to a four-way tie for first place on Monday night at the Club One No Limit Hold-em tourney. That was pretty cool.

4 thoughts on “woo haaaa

  1. Congratulations to the Giants. Victory in ’05 is a certainty!

    This is my first ever blogging. I feel dirty.

  2. This is good news for Giants fans. Would have won the division if you had him last year. Would have only blown about 10-15 saves instead of what, 30?

    Now who are they gonna get to fill Hermannsen’s spot in the starting rotation. Herges? Eyre? Maybe not too late to get Moss back.

    As far as getting Finley, what are they going to pay him with? Magic beans? Maybe McGowan can get the city to pass another tax on something or other to raise the money to pay him.

    Not hard to tell I’m not a Giants fan, huh?

  3. hahah. Well Mr. Smith, I do know this: the Giants managed to back-load both Vizquel’s and Benitez’s contracts, so that means more in the bank now for use.

    Hmm. Are you a little sore that he wants to leave L.A.?? Maybe a littel nervous about the Giants this year??

  4. Not nervous yet, too early to be concerned about that. I don’t really expect Finley back w/ the Dodgers anyway, especially since he’s been talking to a few teams and not one of them is the team he’s currently on.

    Right now, they need pitching. Kaz, a head case. Nomo, lost his arm. Dreifort, glass bones. Lima, legal troubles. Perez, no heart. I would have never thought that Jeff Weaver would be their reliable, go-to Number 1 guy. They need to get Billingsley and Tiffany up to speed FAST!!!

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