Barry, I understand and I can relate.

You know, one time in college, a friend gave me a colored liquid. It looked like it was carbonated but I can’t confirm that for sure. Anyway, this friend suggested that I drink “the brew” and notice the results…….increased self-esteem, lack of inhibitions, intense desire to “party down”.

Honestly, I had no idea whatsoever that the substance that was given to me was alocholic in any way. I honestly thought the light-headedness and warm sensations had to do with a lack of sleep and the amount of clothing I was wearing at the time. Someone may have told me at one time or another that the substance was called “beer”, but I honestly thought that they were saying “berry”, as in a berry-based solution used to provide energy and health. Because seriously, with all the loud music and bright lights that were prevalent at these gatherings that had “the brew” on hand, I honestly thought they were saying “berry”. I thought nothing of it at the time. They were all my friends, so I never questioned what was in the liquid. I figured I could trust them.

Obviously, once I found out that there was alcohol in “the brew”, I quickly ceased ingestion of the substance and have never used it again in any form whatsoever. Honest.

One thought on “Barry, I understand and I can relate.

  1. Sir, I believe you may be entitled to money damages for the lies and deceit your friends engaged in. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Scott Garagos

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