That’s hot

Last weekend, I decided to finally sit down and install the latest stable version of Ubuntu, which is a type of open source, Linux-based operating system. I downloaded the image, correctly burned it to a CD, and made sure my system was ready for the install.

As I restarted the system and it began to reboot, I hit the delete button to boot from the CD. Things were going along fine until I got an error: Processor temperature warning! Uh-oh. This is the first time I’ve seen this on my computer, but it doesn’t completely shock me, since I built it myself about 2 years ago.

I then went into BIOS to see if there was a temp gauge, which there was. 256 degrees F!!!!!!! Now, I don’t remember what the recommended temp range was when I first put the computer together and did some benchmarking, but I’m fairly certain 256 F is out of that range. Before I sat down to investigate, some possible theories came to mind:

  • The room temperature has increased with the weather(not that much, though)
  • I recently added an additional hard drive and stick of RAM, putting too much stress on the system and driving up the temp.
  • one or more of the fans have busted
  • it was too dirty

Looking inside, I noticed things were pretty darn filthy, so I walked down to Fry’s and picked up an air dusting can for electronics, took the computer outside, and went to town. After that, I re-booted and started up a motherboard monitoring program to see what the temp was. As soon as the computer booted, the processor temp immediately shot up to 256, while the case temp hovered at around 80 or so. I think the large discrepancy between core and case temp tells me there’s something up with the actual processor and it’s fan, so I think I’m going to replace the heatsink and fan for my processor and see what happens.

No more TV

Well, at least for a while. Now that most of my favorite TV shows are coming to this season’s end, I will have less excuses for doing other, more productive things besides sitting in front of my TV all night. Here are a few things:

  • Re-read some poker books before my trip to Vegas for the WSOP
  • Start planning a trip to Italy with my wife
  • Weekly basketball and softball games to play in(perhaps some soccer too)
  • Fix my computer (I’ll get into that mess in a future post)
  • Go to more San Francisco Giants baseball games
  • More blog posts :)

Sounds pretty good to me.

Boston Legal

One of my favorite t.v. shows is Boston Legal. If you know me well(the few people who read this blog do) and you’re familiar with the show, this may surprise you. I’m not particularly interested in legal cases, or the law in general for that matter, and most of the angles the show takes I certainly don’t agree with. What I do like, however, are the writers and the actors.

I’d have to say Boston Legal is the most well written show on television. Of course I’m basing this on the small number of shows I watch on a somewhat regular basis, but I still think it’s true. More specifically, both the content and delivery from James Spader and William Shatner(Alan Shore and Denny Crane on the show, respectively) are just brilliant.

My favorite part of each show is at the end. Usually, Spader and Shatner, who are both lawyers for the big-time firm Crane, Poole and Schmidt, will rendezvous at the end of a long work day for a drink and a cigar on the balcony. They’ll generally chit-chat about the day’s happenings, but usually tie in some real-life issues into the conversation. Here’s a clip of one such recent interaction. I think it’d be fun to see a compilation of all the end-of-show meetings between Spader and Shatner.

bad parking

Ever tried parking in a crowded parking lot only to find some jerk taking up two spaces to keep other cars from parking to close to his/her fancy car? Well now you can do something about it.(Without causing physical harm to said car/owner of car)

Just head on over to and order yourself a few bumper stickers. Such a great idea.

Bitter Suite

The Wife and I went to a Giants baseball game last night. One of the perks of her job is the occasional free ticket to a Giants game, and we hit the jackpot last night, because we got Suite tickets!

When I was younger, I didn’t understand why someone would want to sit in a suite. It’s indoors, away from the action, and has lots of things that suggest a person would actually be doing something besides watching the baseball game. On top of all that, there are waaaay more seats closer to the field and the players. After having the fortune of using the suite several times, I understand now. :)

Last night was unlike any other ballgame I’ve been to, and for one reason: The Golden State Warriors were trying to close out the playoff series with the Dallas Mavericks. As their game moved closer to finishing, more and more baseball fans made their way out of their seats and over to a t.v. showing the basketball game. At one point during the baseball game, it looked as though the fans were giving up on the Giants and leaving, but they weren’t. They just wanted to watch the Warriors (who haven’t been in the playoffs for 13 years) win.

After a hell of a game, the Warriors couldn’t hold on to the lead, taking the series to 3-2. I’d consider their next game(in Oakland) to be a must-win; I don’t think they can drop that game and have a legitimate chance of traveling back to Dallas and winning. Oh, and the Giants lost too.