Boston Legal

One of my favorite t.v. shows is Boston Legal. If you know me well(the few people who read this blog do) and you’re familiar with the show, this may surprise you. I’m not particularly interested in legal cases, or the law in general for that matter, and most of the angles the show takes I certainly don’t agree with. What I do like, however, are the writers and the actors.

I’d have to say Boston Legal is the most well written show on television. Of course I’m basing this on the small number of shows I watch on a somewhat regular basis, but I still think it’s true. More specifically, both the content and delivery from James Spader and William Shatner(Alan Shore and Denny Crane on the show, respectively) are just brilliant.

My favorite part of each show is at the end. Usually, Spader and Shatner, who are both lawyers for the big-time firm Crane, Poole and Schmidt, will rendezvous at the end of a long work day for a drink and a cigar on the balcony. They’ll generally chit-chat about the day’s happenings, but usually tie in some real-life issues into the conversation. Here’s a clip of one such recent interaction. I think it’d be fun to see a compilation of all the end-of-show meetings between Spader and Shatner.

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