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Last weekend, I decided to finally sit down and install the latest stable version of Ubuntu, which is a type of open source, Linux-based operating system. I downloaded the image, correctly burned it to a CD, and made sure my system was ready for the install.

As I restarted the system and it began to reboot, I hit the delete button to boot from the CD. Things were going along fine until I got an error: Processor temperature warning! Uh-oh. This is the first time I’ve seen this on my computer, but it doesn’t completely shock me, since I built it myself about 2 years ago.

I then went into BIOS to see if there was a temp gauge, which there was. 256 degrees F!!!!!!! Now, I don’t remember what the recommended temp range was when I first put the computer together and did some benchmarking, but I’m fairly certain 256 F is out of that range. Before I sat down to investigate, some possible theories came to mind:

  • The room temperature has increased with the weather(not that much, though)
  • I recently added an additional hard drive and stick of RAM, putting too much stress on the system and driving up the temp.
  • one or more of the fans have busted
  • it was too dirty

Looking inside, I noticed things were pretty darn filthy, so I walked down to Fry’s and picked up an air dusting can for electronics, took the computer outside, and went to town. After that, I re-booted and started up a motherboard monitoring program to see what the temp was. As soon as the computer booted, the processor temp immediately shot up to 256, while the case temp hovered at around 80 or so. I think the large discrepancy between core and case temp tells me there’s something up with the actual processor and it’s fan, so I think I’m going to replace the heatsink and fan for my processor and see what happens.

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