I’ll be heading to Las Vegas this summer with my brother Mike to play in the World Series of Poker. I’ll be playing in the $1500 NL event on June 9th. He plans on playing in both the 1500 and 2000 NL events. I’ll be there for six days, and I plan on updating my blog with my progress during the action.

I’m super excited to play in my first WSOP event. ESPN has been replaying last year’s televised events quite a bit lately. I don’t think the event I’m planning on playing in is scheduled for any TV time, but that’s ok. I think that would make me even more nervous. In preparation, I’ve been playing more poker and re-reading my poker books. I’d certainly be happy with making the money.

2 thoughts on “WSOP!

  1. GL!! Tell Mike GL for me!!!

    Advice…..If you don’t know what to do………Go all in…LOL

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