So I got an iphone

Yeah, I got an iphone, and it’s pretty freakin sweet.

Initially, I didn’t really want one. I had my Treo, and it was a great phone. It had a good network, I could watch movies, stream audio/video, all kinds of good stuff. Oh, and it made phone calls. All was fine in cellphoneland for Nate.

Then one day, one of my managers who had recently got one was walking by, so we asked him to give us a quick demo. 20 seconds later, all I could think about was how I could convince my wife to let me buy one. If She wasn’t going to let me spend the money on it, then I figured the only logical way to get the phone was to come up with the money some other way. I decided to search around the house for some of my things that I just don’t use and see what I could sell.

I sold my Nintendo DS lite, an old cell phone, and a used router. I also counted up all the loose change I’d been adding up for the last few years. These sold items, plus the change, gave me a total of $230. Next, I dipped into my poker stash for $200, and estimated the future sell of my treo at around $200, which gave me enough to get the phone.

I can say with confidence that it’s the best phone out there(should be for that price). I’ll probably make a few posts in the near future about some of my favorite features, etc.

One thought on “So I got an iphone

  1. So, Nate showed his Iphone to me, and 20 seconds later all I could think about was how to get an Iphone in India before 2008. :)
    Well, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

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