I’m in India

I’ll be in Hyderabad, India for the next three weeks for work. I just flew in about 24 hours ago. Looks like I’m fighting jet lag; I woke up at 1 a.m. local time after four hours of sleep. The time zone here is almost exactly opposite of Pacific Standard, so just reverse the a.m. for p.m. and vice versa, and that’s what time it is for me.

The flights and layover to get here were pretty exhausting. I flew out of San Francisco to Seoul, South Korea, which took about 13 hours. We stopped there briefly to pick up/drop off a few people, then headed to Singapore, which took another 6 hours. Once I was there, I had to wait 17 hours for my flight to Hyderabad, which took 4 hours. That totals up to about 40 hours, which doesn’t include the time I spent before leaving the San Francisco airport, and the time it took to get through customs and get my bags when I arrived in Hyderabad.

The Singapore airport was really cool. Out of all the airports to be stuck in, it certainly could be worse. They have high def plasmas everywhere with sports, etc, they’ve got free Xbox 360 stations and free internet access stations all over the place. There’s also a very large mall right in the middle of the airport. So I kept myself busy. And I slept.

Last night I had my first Indian meal. We(me and 5 other expats) went to a place called “Our Place”. It’s one of the best places to go for Indian food in Hyderabad. I really enjoyed the food. Here’s a review online for more info.

I might be going on a weekend trip this weekend, but I’m not sure yet. I’ll find out tomorrow and keep you posted.

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