weekend trip

I’m heading south to a place called Munnar for the weekend, returning Monday evening. It’s supposed to be a really cool place, very green and with lots of wild animals. I guess they make a lot of tea there, too. I’ll give a full report when I return.

2 thoughts on “weekend trip

  1. Hi Nate!…Sent an email to your Gmail account…finally figured how to “comment” on your blog site. Can’t wate to hear about your travels in India. Has the jet lag subsided a little yet?…WOW, that was a long flight. Are you drinking lot’s of bottled water??
    HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday (Not to worry, I won’t share stories on here (blog) about how i used to changes your diaper…giggle-giggle)… a guy who always makes her Aunt smile :)
    Love Ya!

  2. …ok, oops didn’t use spell check….typing really fast… mispelled word on previous comment (wait)…geez :)… and I’m so perfect in so many ways!
    LY Nate

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