Back in Hyderabad

I made it back to Hyderabad Monday evening.

The weekend trip to Munnar was awesome. We saw beautiful hills full of tea plants, huge waterfalls, wild elephants and monkeys.

We flew out of Hyderabad south 1.5 hours to Kochi, in the state of Kerala. From there, we took a taxi 4 hours up into the hills until we made it to our final destination, the High Range Club.

It’s still the monsoon season(until October), so we got our fair share of rain. It started pouring about an hour away from the club. The next morning it was sunny and clear, making for a great day trip through the local sight-seeing destinations. It began to rain again around 3 or 4 pm, at which point we grabbed some food in the village and headed back to the club.

I’ve posted pictures online:

I took some small videos too. Once I figure out the best way to get them online, I’ll post those as well.

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