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Eating in India has been fun. I’ve never had real Indian food(I’m not counting samosas at work), and I usually enjoy new types of cuisine. We stuck with the places which were recommended to us by previous Googlers, or by the local drivers who take us everywhere we need to go.

Here’s a run-down of the different Indian restaurants I’ve tried so far:

  1. Our Place – An open air restaurant with great Indian food. We got there a bit before the restaurant opened, which meant we were subjected to the mosquito fumigation fog while being seated. No big deal. The surroundings were really nice, with lots of plants and grass. It was my first Indian meal. I feel like we must have tried half of the menu
  2. Fusion9 – Features a mix of several different cuisines; everything from Italian to Indian to Chinese to Thai. A nice, up-scale place with great food and full bar. I’ve tried the Thai chicken curry and the chicken tikka masala, both were excellent.
  3. Angeethi – A themed restaurant; Northern Indian cuisine, and very spicy. This was the spiciest meal I’ve had so far during my trip. It was also very good. One of their specialties which we tried is skewered chicken, among other things. They bring the chicken out on a big sword-shaped skewer, and slide it onto your plate.
  4. Taj Krishna – One of the fanciest hotels in the city, with a wonderful buffet served on Sundays. We had the buffet, which was very good and very expensive; the most expensive meal so far. It was nice to take a break from the Indian food with other things like broccoli grautin, sauteed mushrooms and artichokes, etc.
  5. Ginger Court – Your standard Indian cuisine, which we ordered for delivery to the office. I particularly enjoyed their stuffed naan and dal tadka.

Anywhere we go, it’s recommended we try the biryani, which is a type of spiced rice dish. Hyderabad is famous for their biryani. I think it’s good, but I’m more of a bread fan, so naturally I love most of the naan. I think Fusion9 had my favorite so far, but most of them have been great.

Update: the above are all Hyderabad restaurants, as opposed to the entire country of India. :)

3 thoughts on “Indian restaurants

  1. I guess it doesn’t qualify as a “meal” but just gotta mention the delicious roadside Cheetos (or in my case spicy stale Indian version of Cheetos) that was technically our breakfast on Sunday :) That’s the last time we let a driver hijack our plans when a meal is at stake!

  2. Hey Nate, that’s not what they ate in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Where are the giant roasted beetles and tarantula-kabobs? Har har. One question though…I always ask the breakfast question to travelers, and hear odd things. For instance, did you know that in Japan they have Miso soup in the morning? So what do you have for breakfast in India?

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