Going to see the Taj

I’m headed to Delhi for the weekend to check out the Taj Mahal – can’t wait. When I return on Sunday, I’ll need to pack up because my flight home departs at 11:45 pm that night. Send some good weather karma my way. :)

For anyone who hasn’t gone and might go in the future, there’s three options to get there:

  1. Fly to Agra. It’s a small airport and they don’t have many flights, so you may be out of luck, depending on which airport you’re coming from and how far in advance you book your flight.
  2. Fly to Delhi and:
    1. Take a train to Agra – make sure you get your train ticket in advance, it sells out quick;
    2. Take a taxi to Agra – I’ve heard this will take at least three hours, possibly more depending on traffic. It’s also more expensive than the train.
  3. Drive to Agra. So, if you’re driving a car yourself, in India, then I hope you’re from India originally which means you know what your doing. If you’re not from India, don’t drive a car here. Please. And depending on where you’re driving from, this could be a loooooong drive.

Looking forward to posting some nice pics upon my return.

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