Back in Hyd – for a few hours

Got back from Delhi around 2 pm. My flight leaves tonight at 11:45 pm, so I’ve got a few hours to kill.

Delhi and Agra were cool, and the Taj was awesome. It’s so impressive on so many levels. No point in me regurgitating a bunch of info that’s already been written a thousand times; go read about the Taj Mahal on Wikipedia if you’d like. I will, however, post pictures I took that have no doubt been taken millions of times. The pic shown above, for example.

You’ll probably hear from me once again upon my return to the US.

One thought on “Back in Hyd – for a few hours

  1. It’s Sunday night, 10:45 pm here in California…11:15am India time right now, so that means you left there about 12 hrs ago…so you’re probably still enroute to Calif. Hope you had a decent flight. I’m sure it has been a looooooong few weeks for you.

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