The Mitchell Report

It’s Thursday morning, and I’m anxiously awaiting the Mitchell Report, which is due out 2 p.m. E.S.T., or in about 20 minutes. There’s a leaked report making the rounds right now, but I think I’ll just wait for the official report.

Some things I’ll be curious to see:

  • names of players(obviously)
  • sources and evidence of use
  • types of steroid/substance abuse

I do hope this cleans up the game of baseball, but I’m not very happy about the government’s “role” in this. I really think they should stay out of this; you know, stick to doing government things.

One thought on “The Mitchell Report

  1. Hawthorne, I disagree completely. I believe congress should convene a new committee to declare that the all time home run king is still the Hammer, Hank Aaron, and not the cheat that is Barry Bonds—an asterisk will do for me next to big heads name….

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