Chevy Volt up close

The Chevy Volt was on campus this week and we got to check it out up close, and talk to a couple of the engineers that worked on the car.

It seems really cool. Some of it’s features that separate it from other electric/hybrid cars:

  • It’s called an Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV?) because technically it’s always using batteries.
  • It has a charge range of about 40 miles. If you drive more than 40 miles, a gas-powered generator begins to charge the batteries.
  • You can plug it in when it’s not being driven to recharge the batteries.
  • Most commuters driver 40 miles or less to and from work, so theoretically you could almost always use the batteries, rarely needing to use gas.
  • It’s capable of running on electricy, gasoline, ethanol, or biodiesel.

I believe it’s on schedule to hit production in 2010, with a target price of around $30,000. I was really impressed with the appearance of the car, too. And I got a free t-shirt. :)

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