One week in Kauai

Melissa and I joined some friends for a one week trip to Kauai, Hawaii. We got back last week, late Thursday night…then woke up Friday with the flu. I guess I’m not that surprised. We’re both fully recovered though, so back to work we go.

We went to Poipu beach –

We played golf…

…we went hiking…

…and we went diving! Right off those rocks. :)

Everyone had a blast. For more Kauai photos, check them out here.

We got a couple cloudy, windy days, but for the most part it was sunny and beautiful. A few quick notes:

  • We went golfing at Poipu Bay Golf Course, which was a 10 minute walk down the road from our condo. Awesome course. Too bad winds were 30+ mph. :( Apparently, Tiger is a frequent patron, so at least I can say I’ve played on a course which he has played. No, I’m not going to tell you my score.
  • The hike and waterfall we went to is called Kipu Falls. It’s frequented by locals, especially on weekends, so we decided to wait until Tuesday to check it out. It’s a short hike, but a great place for a jump off the rocks, or a swing off a big rope into the water. I think the jump was around 15-20 feet high. The water was very cold, much colder than the ocean.
  • We stayed in a condo at Poipu Kai resort, about a 10 minute walk from Poipu beach, which I think is the most dry and sunny part of the island, on the south shore.
  • We did lots of snorkeling. There’s an awesome spot for snorkeling just as you walk out into the water in Poipu beach. You can rent snorkel gear across the street at a few places at reasonable prices. We rented three sets for a week at $20 each, which was well worth it. I think snorkeling was the most popular activity of the week.
  • We decided to buy all of our food at Costco at the beginning of the week, since we had a full kitchen in the condo. It was fun to cook food with friends, and we saved a lot of time and money. I’d highly recommend it.
  • We also went to a Luau at the Hyatt down the street. We enjoyed it, but I think it would have been much more fun had it not been so cold that night. It got very windy, and we all started to freeze our asses off.

I can’t wait to go back!

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