The junkiest of junk mail

This post is inspired by the Wysz and his hatred for idiot marketing.

I recently received a very official and important looking piece of mail. I get a fair amount of junk mail and quite a few pieces that try to get past the average person’s manual “junk mail” filter by putting things on the envelope like “official”, “important”, or even “time sensitive”. I’m usually pretty good at filtering these out, but sometimes they do such a good job of making mail look important enough that I shouldn’t take the chance of throwing it away and end up opening it. Here’s a recent example:

Whoah, what’s this? “Official Property Documents Enclosed”, from the “Administrative Offices of APF/OV”, whatever that is. Hm, I guess I should open it just in case.

Ugh. Gimme a break. It’s some company trying to get me to refinance my mortgage. I really hate this crap. I wish there was some way to make this illegal.

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