The end is near

Time for a doomsday post, but first, a funny cartoon that’s been around for a while:

When you consider all of the things we worry about these days, it can really be quite depressing. Take the following for example:

  • global warming
  • the economy and possible recession
  • the housing market and sub-prime mess
  • the war in iraq – still going
  • the deficit – still growing
  • skyrocketing gas prices and depleting oil reserves
  • crazy floods in the midwest
  • crazy wildfires in California
  • rising food costs
  • disappearing or dying bee population – almost 1/3rd of them
  • world population is near 7 billion, projected to add another billion in just 12 years
  • reality tv shows like tila taquila

Those are just things off the top of my head. So how are we going to fix these things (well, the ones that can be fixed), and continue to scale for the future?

I dunno. I was hoping someone knew. If you have an idea, leave a comment.

Taking a break

I’ll be taking a sabbatical from work July 1st through August 15th. I’m looking forward to decompressing and taking some time off. Some things I’ve got planned so far:

  • A trip to Puerto Vallarta with Melissa
  • A trip to Las Vegas with Chris
  • A half-marathon in Los Gatos

I’d like to get some improvements done to the condo as well; we’re thinking about hardwood flooring and maybe a couple other things.

I sure hope all the wildfires in California are put out soon; the haze in the sky from all the smoke is really a bummer.

Why is department store technology so old?

I was shopping at Macy’s with my wife recently when, during a long wait at the register in which I consequently got bored and started snooping around, I noticed how incredibly old their computers were:

And this is the case with most of the department stores I’ve been to. I worked at Mervyn’s for a few years during college and always wondered, even back then, why on earth their technology was so dated.

Map My Run

I recently signed up for an account at MapMyRun to keep track of my running activities. Seems pretty cool so far. They’ve got a Google Maps mash-up for mapping out runs and saving your routes. You can also look at other runner’s routes which they’ve made public. Here’s a map I just made tonight, which I’ll be running tomorrow:

You can also do some cool stuff like track the mileage on your shoes, etc. so you know when it’s time to replace them. I think I’ve got about 100 miles on my new pair of shoes so far.

There’s also a new running store on California Ave. which will be opening soon I believe – Zombie Runner. Though it seems this store is more tailored toward ultra marathoners(insane), it will definitely come in handy for runners of all kinds.