Taking a break

I’ll be taking a sabbatical from work July 1st through August 15th. I’m looking forward to decompressing and taking some time off. Some things I’ve got planned so far:

  • A trip to Puerto Vallarta with Melissa
  • A trip to Las Vegas with Chris
  • A half-marathon in Los Gatos

I’d like to get some improvements done to the condo as well; we’re thinking about hardwood flooring and maybe a couple other things.

I sure hope all the wildfires in California are put out soon; the haze in the sky from all the smoke is really a bummer.

3 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. i used s&g carpet and flooring. they had a really good deal on this dark wood floor. there’s one in cupertino (and san jose)

    not sure if it’s the cheapest, but i like my floor. i didn’t do the install though.

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