GoDaddy fails

I tried to register a couple of .me domain names today. Searching for the domain names returned “available!” messages, so I continued through the registration and payment process. Entered credit card info, etc. etc. Even got the confirmation email.

Then I got an email saying “The following domain name cannot be registered – reason: already registered”.

Well, that would have been nice to tell me WHEN I WAS DOING THE FREAKING SEARCH TO BEGIN WITH. 

I know I’m not the only one this has been happening to. How can they not be prepared for this kind of surge? As the self-proclaimed “World’s #1 domain name registrar”, you think they would handle this better.

To top it all off, they send me an email asking to fill out a customer survey after speaking with their support on the phone. I filled out the survey which included some negative feedback. After I hit the “submit” button, I get a pop-up in the browser stating: “You are about to submit negative feedback. Are you sure?”

Wow. Seriously? You’re f$%&ing right I’m sure.

3 thoughts on “GoDaddy fails

  1. I left positive feedback when I got mine. The guy I spoke with was very friendly and did answer all my questions. He even told me to have an awesome day! :)

    This whole GoDaddy .me thing is pretty terrible though…

  2. I left positive feedback for the part of the survey which asked about the actual customer service person, but left negative feedback for the questions pertaining to whether or not I had my questions answered – which was a resounding “NO”.

  3. Fail is the right word. I too got a mailbox full of rejected domain buys today. I can only hope that they have to pay a transaction fee on all of that money they need to refund, maybe next time they’ll have a system in place to check at least the names that were bought on their store already, much less at the magic .me storage facility.

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