Attending SES San Jose

I’ll be at the Search Engine Strategies conference this week in San Jose. This will be my first time as a speaker (panelist, really) for Google, and I’m happy to get a chance to represent and help others if possible. I’ll be a panelist for the Site Clinic on Thursday at 10:15 am. Come by and say hi, ask questions, but take it easy on me, it’s my first time!

Looks like the schedule is packed with lots of good stuff, so I’m sure the conference will be another success. If you’re attending, be sure to make it to the Google Dance Tuesday night at 7 pm. I’ll also be hanging out at the Google Webmaster booth. Very friendly people with lots of good advice. I also hear there may be some pretty intense foosball matches being played. Swing by Tuesday and Wednesday in the Expo Hall, booth 530. I somehow got picked to represent Google (along with Jan from the Dublin office). I’m going to need to shake the rust off. :)

3 thoughts on “Attending SES San Jose

  1. Nathan,

    Good to meet you and play some foosball! Congrats on the iPod! Look forward to seeing you at some local foosball events in the bay area. Keep in touch.

    John Biundo

  2. Nice meeting you too, John. I’ll probably stop by Rudy’s sometime, hope to see you there. :)

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